New Look MDPI Books

The new MDPI Books website has just been launched. Enjoy a fresh look, transparent information and an up to date shopping experience at Here, authors and editors can see their research come to life in MDPI books and benefit from:

  • two decades of experience in open access publishing,
  • dedicated personal support,
  • rapid and high quality publication,
  • MDPI‘s global network,
  • and competitive pricing.

The success of MDPI’s journals‘ Special Issue Reprints inspired us to extend our reprint services to other formats and offer MDPI Selections, where you can compile all articles published on in any manner you wish, e.g., as a selection of the hottest research on a particular topic or as an author collection.

Furthermore, MDPI is proud to become the home of books with original research content and invites proposals, both for edited volumes that comprise a spectrum of viewpoints by experts on a particular topic, including conference proceedings, as well as for short-form or full-length monographs by single or multiple authors, including doctoral theses.

Please visit to learn more about our products and services, browse our ever-growing library, and get in touch with us at MDPI Books.

Stay tuned for more news from MDPI Books this spring!