Are you interested in organizing a webinar? Sciforum is the platform for you!

Sciforum is MDPI’s platform dedicated to the organization of scientific events. In line with MDPI’s mission to promote science and accelerate innovation, Sciforum supports scholars, societies, research networks, and universities at all stages of organizing events, including webinars, symposia, forums, and electronic, virtual, and physical conferences.

Since 2011 we have hosted more than 350 events, 76 of which were in-person events, 167 were online conferences and 116 were webinars.

Sciforum provides online tools that support all aspects of event organization, not only webinars but all types of conferences. This includes setting up and maintaining the event website, hosting webinar and live sessions, managing the peer-review process, handling and coordinating the event schedule, registration, billing, sponsors… you name it.

Visit our webpage to check our next events or contact us at [email protected] to find out more about it.