Meet Us at Enago’s “See the Future” Virtual Conference (18 November 2021)

For Researchers, academic institutions and publishers alike Enago’s upcoming virtual conference offers a great opportunity to reflect on some of the current developments in science, in particular the increasing drive towards openness and collaboration in the way scientific research is organized. Transparent and reproducible research data, opening up peer review and reliable open access platforms are key steps along the way.

The panel of speakers at this year’s See the Future virtual conference (18 November 2021) includes Nobel Laureate Dr. Randy Schekman and industry leaders in the academic and publishing fields who will each share their perspective on the prominent trends in research publication.

MDPI’s Damaris Critchlow (Head of Publication Ethics) and Aimee Nixon (Publisher) are going to hold a session on “Demystifying Open Access” which serves as an introduction into Open Access publishing. The session will open the doors on the MDPI’s editorial review process to share insight on how, through an investment in both technology and people, open access publishers can achieve rapid publication whilst maintaining robust and rigorous peer review and editorial processes.

We invite you to join Aimee and Damaris by registering here. They look forward to being part of the event: "We are delighted to be amongst the speakers at the See the Future conference, and to be involved in the important debate around how openness and collaboration are key to the progression of science. Our presentation aims to provide an update on open access and the growing importance of open research practices in the research communications landscape."

Enago is a global leader in language services ranging from editing to publication support. It has also built robust AI products for researchers, publishers, societies, universities, and government research bodies. as always led us to deliver high-quality services and a superior user experience.

Aimee Nixon
Publisher, MDPI Manchester
[email protected]