Article Layout and Templates Revised for Future Volumes

At MDPI we have slightly revised the layout for articles to be published in 2022 volumes, starting from 21 December 2021. The revised template has been made available for download from the Instructions for Authors page, which has been updated.

To summarise these revisions briefly, the most noticeable change to the template is that the captions and footnotes of large figures/tables are to be left-indented with standard indentation, instead of being center-aligned; the other formats of tables/figures remain unchanged.

(1) The captions and footnotes of large figures/tables are to be left-indented, which is the standard indentation.

In addition, to improve the user experience of LaTeX templates, we used the marginnote package instead of the paracol command in the LaTeX template. This revision will not affect the formatting style of the article. Lastly, we adjusted the spacing from 12pt to 6pt for each element in the information bar, which can be found on the left side of the front page of the article.

Hope the new version could bring a better experience and convenience.

Contact: Howland Wu, Production Director, MDPI, Wuhan, China