Introducing Insight Faster—A Podcast by MDPI

Introducing Insight Faster, a podcast by MDPI. We interviewed world-leading academics to let them explain their research, hear why we should all be paying attention, and find out a little about the people behind the innovation. It’s time to put the researcher on speaker! Listen to the trailer here and the first episode on the MDPI blog site on January 12th!

At MDPI we believe that Open Access is more than simply putting the work out there. We want to provide a tangible, understandable insight into cutting-edge science that goes beyond simply the Method, Results and Discussion, and we want to do it in a way that is dynamic, convenient and flexible. The podcast will allow researchers to explain their research in a manner that is straightforward and comprehensible (even for those of us who aren’t leading researchers in their field). We’ll talk about the importance of the paper in its own field but also in a broader sense and hear about how research that is often going on far from the public eye is already and will continue to change our society for the better.

Insight Faster is an opportunity to learn a little about those behind the lab coats and lecterns. It’s important that we understand the motivations of those that have invested their lives in improving our technology, our society and our planet. The 25 years that MDPI has been around have been filled with achievements, challenges and opportunities, and we’re excited to hear about what’s changed in that time for some of our authors.

Our first series mainly focuses on Sustainability—beginning with a discussion on Eco-Anxiety with Dr. Panu Pihkala, the leading Finnish expert on the subject from the University of Helsinki (released on the MDPI blog site on January 12th). We’ll then be speaking to some of the winners of the World Sustainability Awards and exploring what the climate crisis might hold in the future with researchers from the Global Sustainability Institute. In the middle, we’ll be taking a short break from the sustainability theme to chat with a researcher from the University of Manchester who is using gestural interfaces for musical composition.

Listen to the trailer for Insight Faster here, and the first episode on January 12th on the MDPI Blog site!

Jasper Clow
Content Creator and English Editor, MDPI Manchester
[email protected]