Limnological Review Published by MDPI from Volume 22

We are pleased to welcome Limnological Review to our journal portfolio. MDPI has acquired the journal from the previous owner, the Polish Limnological Society, which remains perpetually affiliated with the journal. The title was launched in 2001 by the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland. From the start, the journal was publishing using an open access license, sharing the MDPI mission of fostering open scientific exchange in all forms.

In an Editorial published in the journal, Dr. Piotr Rzymski, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Dr. Piotr Klimaszyk, the President of the Polish Limnological Society, and Dr. Włodzimierz Marszelewski, the founder of the Limnological Society, write:

"As the Polish Limnological Society, we are grateful for this help [from MDPI] and glad that the history and aims of the Limnological Review will be continued in an open access fashion, making the science communicated through the journal accessible to everyone."

Limnological Review (ISSN 2300-7575) provides a forum for studies on inland water ecosystems, from lakes, ponds and rivers, to springs, floodplains and wetlands. The journal’s scope covers physical, chemical and biological limnology, with a particular emphasis on hydrology, paleolimnology, aquatic biology, ecohydrology, hydrochemistry, aquatic toxicology, sedimentology, environmental engineering, physical geography, and geoinformatics.

The editors remind the scientific community of the importance of limnological research for adaptation to the changing climate: “It is beyond any doubt that tackling climate change and adapting to it require the preservation of inland waters.”

We look forward to collaborating with the Polish Limnological Society in publishing this unique journal and continuing its 22-year history.

Limnological Review Editorial Office